1. Sandman

From the recording Sandman


In my dream, you’re walking shrouded in a cloak of mist
The sun’s heat melts to dust and sand surrounding you.

And I knew, if I opened up your palms there’d be lines of roads you’ve walked, and paths we’ve almost crossed.

Wandering the voiceless sands
Cold winds ravage emptiness
Footsteps call a silent dance
Where dreams hold empty spaces.

Silent anguish in the scripted rough tips of your fingers
When nightwind pulled a hand from you.

And still you stumbled on, though you felt the cut of stones.

Holding out your hands, my fist would fit in and I’d open them for you to understand.

In my dream, in a whispered stream of waiting for a savior
I would kneel into the dust, anoint your feet in tears and prayer

You will lift me from the ground, whisper now at last you found through coldest winds and senseless storms, your dream, your soul, your haven.

Wandering through empty sands
Yearning for the silent dance
Of voiceless words that need no song
Where hushed embraces lead you home.

Footsteps fall in heartbeat trance
Silent, through the storm and sand
Silent, but I heard and ran to you, my Dream-Savior.